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Amanecer Educacion y Arte Rising the educational level of children in the Peruvian Amazon

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Amanecer is a Learning Center in the Peruvian Amazon, dedicated to supporting children’s development, improve their language skills and overall educational level through classes, workshops, and therapies. The main social problem I am targeting is the poor language skills and low educational level in the region, due to decades of neglect, guerilla and drug-cartels.

Amanecer’s mission is to bring to light the individual potential of each child, developing creativity, independent thinking, self-esteem, and empathy through an art, music and play-based methodology.

Amanecer, which means “Sun rising” in Spanish, has filled its first year. I am currently working with kids with both regular kids, kids with language and learning difficulties and special needs kids.

It is crucial to help these children develop the skills they need to protect the Amazon. They should learn to speak and think independently and creatively so that they can find solutions to the challenges of the future.

Sectors Educational services
Location Tarapoto, Peru
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