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Amader Khamar Amader Khamar is an initiative to serve city people with safe foods

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Amader Khamar

Amader Khamar

Amader Khamar is initially working with local farmers in Dasherkandi, Trimohoni and serving about 200 households in Banashree, Dhaka as a research and development project. Currently, we serve with several vegetable packages and fresh milk. For instance, we have a monthly package of leafy vegetables (30$) and sales (5250$) yielding profit about 20% (1000$). We also provide farmers with seeds and technical supports through regular training and discussions. Amader Khamar also offers transportations for farmers to deliver organic productions to market in super-shops and marts. Through this R&D, we grew trusts among customers and found increasing demands among urban people for safe food. Our business capital and labor is not efficient to serve the entire city yet. Since safe food and vegetables are daily necessity, the market expansion is easy. Therefore, Amader Khamar aims to expand the market sizes and enrich more technological supports for safe food in supply-chains.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Food production
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
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