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ALTX AFRICA GROUP LTD Opening Africa's securities markets to medium income investors

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ALTX built a PC and mobile based trading platform that allows small investors in sub-Saharan Africa access to financial products in the securities market.
Prior to ALTX, small investors had no access or knowledge of financial markets. One could only open an account, access the market and deliver investment funds through brokers. The cost of access, documentation and funds transfer was prohibitive, leading to exclusion. For those who could afford the cost, information on available products was scanty and investment options were limited.
ALTX has built investor self-service into its exchange, enabling small investors affordable and secure access to financial products in the securities markets as well as registration of accounts, funds transfer and access to product information without requiring travel. We have a scalable trading platform that will provide millions of retail investors with PC and mobile phone access to appropriately-designed securities products.

SectorsInvestment management
LocationCentral, Uganda
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