Alpha Mushrooms Feeding nations by mushrooms, a mushroom at a time

Most people in Kenya are moving away from consuming meat which has brought a lot of health diseases like arthritis hence people are looking for an alternative for the meat of animal products.
We, therefore, came in to solve this problem by beginning mushrooms cultivation venture because mushrooms are the best foods rich in proteins, vitamins, iron, and even mineral salts.
This is innovative because we use simple plant agricultural wastes like wheat straw to produce organic mushrooms which are free from chemicals hence healthy for consumption.
Unlike other foods, mushrooms have a medicinal positive effect like lowering blood pressure hence suitable for diabetic patients.
Not many people are cultivating mushrooms hence we came in to provide alternative sources of proteins.
The demand for mushrooms in Kenya annually remains at 1200tonnes whereas Kenya is only able to produce 500tonnes hence most of Kenya’s mushrooms are imported. Therefore there is a great market opportunity for mushroom

StageStartup stage EST June 2019
SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Waste management and recycling
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsBritish Indian Ocean Territory, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
Customer modelB2B2C, B2C
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