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As the farm is looking forward to a more technologically advanced and mechanized system coupled with good agricultural practices, it therefore means production will increase. Input and labor cost will reduce giving room for farm expansion and crop diversification. This therefore helping in fighting food shortages within the country that leads to constant importation of agricultural produce hence contributing to the countries food security in the long run. With diversified and increased production, we then get the snowball effect whereby we’ll need to sell the produce, therefore our markets will be enhancement with diverse produce gotten locally. This means trade would thrive on the assumption of willing buyer willing seller. The regions population would also get adequate supply of food at good prices while enhancing nutrition and better health, increased production will also open up avenues for processing and value addition by industries creating a sustainable food chain.

SectoresAgroindustria, Agroquímicos, Cultivos agrícolas, Maquinaria agrícola, Producción alimentaria
UbicaciónEldoret, Kenia
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