Alesca Life Technologies Making food production more localized, productive, and data driven

Alesca Life is an agritech company that builds indoor vertical farms and precision farming solutions to make food production more localized and data driven. The company’s vision is to democratize access to fresh and nutritious food by democratizing the means and knowledge of production. Alesca has developed patented hardware systems, operational management software, real time monitoring and automation devices, and computer vision AI systems to grow plants using 95~99% less water, fertilizer, and land compared to traditional farms with no need for chemical pesticides. Alesca was named a 2019 Technology Pioneer and 2020 Sustainable Development Goal Champion by the World Economic Forum and was selected into prestigious global accelerator programs including Stanford StartX, Unreasonable Impact, and BitsxBites as a leader in the field of controlled environment agriculture, precision farming, and hyper-local food production.

SectorsAgritech, Information technology, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Beijing, China
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