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“Albeit” Business Hub Home of Business

We serve Customers who are located in Delta Region (specially in Gharbia).
1- Entrepreneurs
> we offer “SEED” starter toolkit which helps them convert from idea into a prototype.
> mentorship over day at the space and referral to specialized consultants.
> Networking and educational events & workshops.
> Financial opportunities through newsletters.
> Ideation workshops for those who don’t have business ideas yet.
2- Freelancers
> to whom we offer Private & shared desks at the space through membership model.
> events and community gatherings
> Access to opportunities through newsletters and networking services.
3- Companies and NGOs
> renting training & meeting rooms.
> Outreach to startups and freelancers in local markets.
> Offices

Sectors Business services, Consulting and business development, Events
Location Tanta, Egypt
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