AKYAS Sanitation, Public Health, Toilet, organic fertilizer



AKYAS is a disposable single-use biodegradable bag that can be used in multiple settings regardless of sanitation infrastructure, disinfects pathogens within the feces to prevent disease transmission, and offers single-use hygieneproducts to ensure hand hygiene.

In addition, the product utilizes the energy within fecal products by transforming the feces into fertilizer that is safe for use. In turn, this might improve the viability of small-scale agriculture among families that cancontribute to food security.

Akyas aim to revolutionize the concept of Toilet in the modern world, whether it is for an emergency context or for an urban space in normal settings.
Moderns cities have been building complex wastewater network and treatment plants to process human waste because of a misconception and fear of the (stool and urine) which happens to be natural organic compounds, this waste which can be converted into a safe soil nutrient (Pathogen-free)

Stage Startup stage EST November 2017
Sectors Agritech, Sanitation
Location Amman, Jordan
Markets Africa, Americas, Antarctica Region, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Customer model Non-profits
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