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Akowe Digital Certificates Issuance and Verifications



Akowe is a web tool for issuing digital certificates in bulk. Schools and training organizations often need to send certificates to large number of students/learners. Akowe helps them issue these digital certificates with a few clicks, no matter the number of recipients.

The immediate benefits to schools, especially Universities and colleges, is that Akowe affords them a safe and secure digital repository of all certificates the school has ever issued.

With a digital repository owned by the school, third parties such as employers or foreign universities can verify authenticity of certificates. This verification service can be an immediate revenue earner for the school.

Another potential is that all the clumsy issues that come with physical certificates are already eliminated with digital certificates. A second stream of revenue for the school is when alumni of the school are offered digit versions of their certificate at a small fee.

Sectors Educational services, Enterprise software
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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