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AkooBooks Audio “Giving Voice to African Authors Globally”

Cover image of AkooBooks Audio, Renseignements artificiels venture on VC4A

AkooBooks Audio is a digital streaming audio platform for African audiobooks and spoken word, providing engaging Black/African books that reach new audiences on mobile devices.

1) African Audio Catalogue. Our library of African audiobooks and spoken word is available anytime, accessible anywhere on a wide variety of mobile devices at flexible subscription plans and low retail cost in various Ghanaian and African languages and not only in English.

Our audiobooks are available to illiterate & educated Africans and to people with disabilities

2) AkooBooks specialise in all aspects of voice production and provides full Audiobook Content Production services including:
* Audio Recording, Production and Post-Production
* Casting, Narration, Writing, Translation and Mastering

AkooBooks is at the forefront of utilizing voice interaction & Machine Learning technology to connect African Books, Authors & Voice Talent to new readers and audiobook listeners globally.

Secteurs Renseignements artificiels, Créatif, médias et divertissement, Éducation
Emplacement Accra, Ghana
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