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AITAP BUSINESS Realizing BIG 4 Agenda through AITAP

We are pioneers in applying innovative techniques suitable for the sustainability of our rural and urban environment.
The identification of our production processes allows us to know at all times the history of any food product from planting to final consumption, ensuring traceability and food safety. AITAP Business has divided its gardens across various counties/farm areas of interest in order to offer continuity and variety to its productions throughout the year.
The quality of our products is our best guarantee. We use practices compatible with the protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources and soil conservation.
The crops are grown on land or other substrates, outdoors. The daily collections are classified and packed at the home industries, ensuring the freshness of the product to our customers.
Our proximity to the market allows us to serve a freshness and maturity that are the commitment of the taste of authentic AITAP Business products.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production, Retail and wholesale
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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