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Aidez-nous à créer le groupe local de l’ONG OSIRDC For projects serving a more sustainable development in the DRC

Help us create the local NGO group Objective International Science in the Democratic Republic of Congo! For projects in the service of more sustainable development.
The NGO OSI offers citizens of all ages, and from all backgrounds, to participate in real research projects for sustainable development in more and more countries of the world.
This allows them to contribute their stone to the building of knowledge by actually advancing scientific research.
It allows them to contribute to making this world a better, more sustainable world, more connected to nature, and respectful of our planet,
It allows them to learn, to understand, to enrich their knowledge, not to the schools of the school, but by the practice, through experimentation, by dedicating themselves to practical projects.
It teaches them to be an actor and not a spectator. It makes them aware of issues or problems with which they may be involved.

Sectors Environmental services, Solar power, Waste management and recycling
Location Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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