Agropreneur Initiative Transforming lives through agri-business

Agropreneur is a social enterprise started in 2015 with a mission is to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods through affordable finance. We are a smallholder farmer credit provider and produce marketing company. Our solution is designed to bridge the gaps we identified by not only providing access to credit but supporting the farmers throughout the process up to the point where they sell to us their produce.

We provide farmers with in-kind input loans qualitatively guaranteed by the community and the farmers harvest at a 15% interest levied over the 6month season.
We provide hands on training and guidance over the phone through the season which is free of charge to anyone within our program: whether they have taken a loan that season or not. Lastly we provide a farm to market service for the farmers produce which is either sold as it is or processed before being put on the market.

A bit about my country Uganda: 80% of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods but only 31% of the cultivatable land is currently in use. On top of that farmers find it nearly impossible to get credit in Uganda as only 1% of commercial lending goes to farmers and the interest rate has been 26% on average in the past 10years. Smallholder farmers make up 85% of the farming community in Uganda and they face a range of problems: lack of access to credit, lack of market, low prices, poor quality of inputs as well as bad weather conditions.