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Agrona for Manufacturing and Trade We make wood without cutting a single tree

Agrona for Manufacturing and Trade

Agrona for Manufacturing and Trade

1# Do you know that 2 billion trees are cut down every year only to supply the furniture and construction industries ? .. Making deforestation the second leading cause of climate change.
Hello everyone, this is Mohamd Kafafy, the CEO of Agrona. We make wood, from agri residues, without cutting a single tree.

2# We are not only protecting forests, but we also save the earth gruesome amount of GHGs emissions.
by stopping burning agricultural residues, to turn them into wood panels to be used in many Furniture and Construction applications.

3# Here’s a quick demo how the process goes: raw materials are collected, left to dry out in the open air, milled to smaller particles, packaged to the plant, boards are manufactured throughout our patented technology giving us the end product.
Our product complies with the EU standards.

4# For every ton of agri residues, we save three tree, avoid 500 m3 of CO2 emissions, provide 6 decent jobs and produce 20 units of school furniture

SectorsAgribusiness, Furniture, Manufacturing
Location Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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