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Wood-based panels products have a worldwide unprecedented demand over the last decade, according to “FAO” statistics. In addition, wood resources are scarce in many countries which boosts the demand of these products.
 Agricultural residues can become a good alternative material resource for wood in manufacturing wood-based panels under certain conditions. 

Considering that the chipboard accounts for 60% of wood-based panel products, we have proved in Agrona with a patented technology, that the manufacturing cost of using the agri-residues is 70% lower than the traditional way of manufacturing chipboard. We have also proven that the chipboard from agriculture residues complies to the “EU” standards for wood-based panels, which means it has the potential of becoming the train of development of rural societies, as they will rely on selling the agri-residues as a byproduct of their seasonal crops.

We have established partnerships with local manufacturers and we are currently working on starting the manufacturing process on a factory scale.

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