Agrinotech White-collar farming



Mustapha has 9 children with the youngest being 4 of age. None of them are in school. Mustapha wishes to add two more wives and give birth to more. when we approached Mustapha he said kids were meant to do the work sprayers and trough could’ve done. More kids meant more farm lands to undertake. With over 3000 farmers in our network, we have a noticed a similar trend.

We are building a growth model that addresses their low tech purchasing power by increasing their earning capacity while connecting them to markets and investors. To the investors, we are helping them claim their share of the trillion dollar agricultural sector. To the farmers, we are helping them do farming like business.

The unique thing about our platform is that farm produce are bought over 3 months ahead of harvest due to our “Cheaper on the farm package”.

our growth model breakdown…
farmer – farm manager – farm consultant

Stage Startup stage EST August 2019
Sectors Agritech
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Customer model B2C
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