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AgriEdge Transforming Data into a Nutrient

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When it comes to managing his field, the Farmer faces many parameters that he needs to take control over (soil, weather, crop, water, fertilizers products…). By only his knowledge, the Farmer cannot compile data from all these factors and at every piece of land of his field. That is why AgriEdge sees a great opportunity in taking profit from available satellite data via advanced analytics using Machine and Deep Learning.
Launched in 2019, AgriEdge is an agricultural decision-support platform that offer farmers relevant insights regarding their actions in the field. Using combined data collected from sensors, satellite images or drone shots, we provide the farmer with precise recommendations regarding two processes: Fertilization and Irrigation. We are combining these two aspects of plant nutrition to have a better control over crops, since we are considering the two major factors of yield production are water and fertilizers management.

SectorsAgritech, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT)
LocationBenguerir, Morocco
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