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Agriculture the future common initiative group From our farms to your table

Cover image of Agriculture the future common initiative group, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Agriculture the future common initiative group

Agriculture the future common initiative group

Agriculture is one of the best driver for growth in Africa
However, agriculture faces many challenges:
poor productivity
limited access to technology (IoT, drones, satellites, A.I, etc)
Economic: 65% of the workforce but only 22.9% of the GDP
Infrastructure: farms area is not known, farms are not registered
Finance: no crop insurance policy, no micro-credit

We believe the main reason is the lack of data and analysis. We aim to solve this issue through our A.I-powered Green Army Project and trainings. The benefits are as follows:
With A.I, farmers will know how to cultivate lands, increase yields and revenues
With A.I, farmers will increase resilience to the adverse effects of climate change (drought, floods, soil degradation, etc)
With A.I, the supply chain will flow will not be disrupted.
Other products are Cassava flour and garri tapioca, Cassava snacks and potatoes flour.

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
LocationBuea, Cameroon
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