Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development Network Agricnet

In the challenging world of mankind, people faced many problems and those problems placed them in a social paridgm to be classified, for money which human lives have been scripted, classification is done Rich, Average, and Poor. Our problem is the Poor. Poor is the problem of our people with less previlages to attain good food, good income, good employment, to get a good platform of partnership and these are the problems of our customers. We see through these problems as big if we fail to find solutions, but solutions finding is bigger than any problem, and we see Agriculture as a solution to the poor problem. With Agriculture we partner with people outside with the opportunities to see the need and to provide resources to help the people to grow seeds to develop themselves and their communities. Agriculture, however, is not so unique because it has been done for ages but we are working with the people to make the products rebranding system unique and innovative.

Sectors Crop farming
Location Koidu, Sierra Leone
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