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SDG #12 is our vision for improving our food systems; Responsible Consumption and Production what is in other terms called Food Security. Bananas being one of most largely produced fruit crops in Cameroon with highest records in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, experiences a lot of post harvest losses due to well known reasons such as poor transport, storage and processing facilities. That is where we come in, haven identified the Banana crop to hold so many diversified potentials in the food and beverages as well as waste management sectors that we have identified areas of large production, we set up raw material acquisition channel and firms to process them into innovative, rich, nutritional and high value commodities such as Fruit drinks, Fruit Cakes and soon Banana Ice Cream and Banana Jam all from this very succulent fruit. We designed the equipment, the techniques and the process to bring to Central and West Africa her first home made commercial Banana Drinks and Cakes

Sectors Agribusiness, Packaging, Waste management and recycling
Location Makepe-Missoke, Cameroon
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