AfroMarket Inc AfroMarket is empowering the Black community to buy and sell online.

Imagine this:
He* woke up at 4 am every morning, except on Sundays.
With a huge sack of second hand shoes slung to his back, he found his way to the market.
Sweaty, stinky, he arrived at his “spot”, a humbling piece of real estate near a big gutter with all manner of unmentionables flowing through it, and begun to lay his wares for display to passersby.
He would stand in the scorching heat trying to sell something until night fell. The ordeal repeated 6 days a week.
He was a good man trying to feed his family the best way he knew how.

Now imagine if:
-He used the AfroMarket app to take pictures to list a pair of shoes for sale in less than 30 seconds.
-His items were immediately discoverable by potential customers.
-He communicated directly with customers via the app to make a sale.

All of this without going through the abominations mentioned above.

This is what AfroMarket is about: Empowering the Black community to buy and sell online.

*He was my brother-in-law. Died at age 39.