AfriRelay Innovation for delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa

AfriRelay is a start-up that wants to put innovation at the service of delivery in sub-Saharan African countries. Indeed, because of the lack of addressing, sending or receiving a package is a problem in these countries, while with the continent’s boom in e-commerce, an efficient and adequate delivery solution should be considered.

AfriRelay wishes to position itself in this segment and offer: – a community service by creating a network of relay points to facilitate the sending and removal of packages-an application that allows tracking of packages online-a complete coverage of even the most remote rural areas-pre-defined packages for optimal package packaging.

Today, Afrirelay has 2 years of activities, nearly 500 relay points in Cameroon, a hundred customers e-commercants, a renowned partner for international logistics and a number of transactions growing month after month.

Sectors Transport and logistics
Location Yaounde, Cameroon
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