Afrigrid Enabling location-based services

AfriGrid brings location-based services to consumers by tying their homes’ or properties’ unique identifiers (such as water metre number, electricity metre number, plot number, etc) to their latitude and longitude coordinates (GPS coordinates). In that way, we are able to bring emergency services (ambulance, fire & rescue), delivery services and cabs – as well as other location-based services – to areas with no (clearly defined) street addresses.

We have created a system that enables us to locate a house, property, establishment or physical structure by simply typing in the electricity meter number of that particular property. From our database, we extract the GPS coordinates matching the provided identifier of the house or property. We then use these GPS coordinates to create an interactive Google Map showing the location of the house or property.

The resulting map is then either printed or transferred to a device (such as a tablet PC or PDA) for use by the person who will be providing the location-based service. The service could be:
– An ambulance or fire truck (in case of an emergency situation)
– A delivery (of parcels or other items)
– A taxi service
– Or any other location-based service

Stage Unknown EST December 2012
Sectors Utilities
Location Maseru, Lesotho
Markets Zimbabwe
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