Afrifarm and Seeders venture Connecting you to healthy foods

In 2017, an estimated 11 million deaths were attributed to unhealthy eating and worse still, Nigeria ranks 42nd out of 195 countries with the highest rate of diet related death

We all know that our health can either be deteriorated or improved by basically what we eat.

This is where Afrifarm foods comes in, we are into snail farming (one of the most healthy meat) and innovatively making our local ingridents into a global consumption.

We want Our Ogbono (African bush mango seed) and iru (DawaDawa) to be sold in malls and food stores not being exposed to contaminated air and flies expecially this period of global pandemic before we consume them.

Health they say is wealth, we believe with our products we can inspire healthier communities of people by connecting them to healthy foods.

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Food production
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