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Africtechub Research and Training


Daniella Amba Mkpandiok, She is prolific researcher and astute data intelligence administrator. She holds Bachelor of science Degree in Mathematics and Statistics and a Post Graduate diploma in Statistics, and currently running a Post Graduate Diploma in Education with the National Teachers Institute in affiliation with University of Ibadan. At the moment, she is a data scientist and machine learning engineer with Africtechub and Data Analyst Hub, both in Ibadan, Nigeria. 

Her area of research interest is Machine Learning and artificial intelligence and its application to Education. She is proficient in Python, R language, SQL, Tableau, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Excel, google spreadsheet, google analytics for data analysis, machine learning and visualization. She is a research grant recipient with UK aid HVT research and RTIRN small research grant where she served as a Co-Principal Investigator/Project Administrator with focus on inclusive Mobility and Public transport of p