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Africa Honey Consortium Honey Value Chain Experts

The Africa Honey Consortium provides traceability in the honey value chain in Africa. Most African Countries cannot access the EU market to sell their honey as they lack a residue monitoring plan. Farmers earn $3 per kilo while they can fetch $10 if they access the international market. By opening up this market, AHC will provide access to better prices to the smallholder farmers giving them a sustainable means of livelihood.

The system will inspire confidence in the market for the honey and create an avenue for the different governments to have data for the residue monitoring plan required by the EU market before the honey is allowed in. The system collects data on the hives via a QR code, keeps inspection records then upon harvesting the code is mirrored to the harvesting barrel. It also collects environmental data so as to identify the contaminant routes and take action to safeguard the honey. We have so far registered 5000 farmers in Kenya.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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