Africa Global Radio An online radio station promoting and projecting Global Africa.

Africa Global Radio is an online radio station based in Ghana that produces, promotes and uncovers compelling content on the diverse narratives in Africa & the African Diaspora.
We produce authentic chronicles on Africa and its people, past, present and future, to address the global under-representation of real life examples that show the potential of our transformational development.
Africa Global Radio serves as a catalyst in galvanising our audience to be the change they wish to see.
We produce live – radio programming, podcasts, an online magazine, video content and hold events for the ‘Africa Conscious’ mind.
We offer multimedia studio services including studio rental, air time advertising, jingle creation, video services, audio mixing and mastering, photography and website advertising. We also sell content. Our mission is to become a global player in providing authentic voices on Africa and the Black experience and to use positive narratives to inspire transformational change.

Stage Startup stage EST March 2019
Sectors Internet
Location Accra, Ghana
Markets Sub-Saharan Africa
Customer model B2B, B2C
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