Afri-living ltd Pre-engineered design and building solutions using light gauge steel

Am in the process of acquiring FrameCad steel rolling machine for use in pre-engineering design of steel frames and offering of a comprehensive builidng solutions for schools and homesteads across arid part East Africa mostly in South Sudan and turkana in northern Kenya. A comprehensive built schools will have a basic module that entail classrooms and administration block, a toilet an sanitation block completely fitted with a bio-digester for safe sanitation needs and an hydroponics to ensure foods security withing the immediate community. Use of pre-engineered light gauge steel is core in the above hence my need for strategic partners in acquiring the machinery as I have the technical know how required

Stage Idea/Concept stage EST June 2013
Sectors Construction, Construction and manufacturing
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya, South Sudan
Customer model Governments (B2G)
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