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Mental health is the pivot of human life. However, despite its importance, it is often the least prioritized amongst health conditions. In low- and medium-income countries like Uganda where disease, ignorance, and poverty are common, demand for steadfast mental healthcare can seem a luxury. Statistics rank Uganda among the top six African countries in rates of Depression, anxiety disorders, and elevated stress levels as major public health burdens with Uganda’s population of 47million people having an estimated 4.6% suffering depressive disorders and 2.9% suffering anxiety disorders (WHO, 2019).

Adventure Network was started by Amanya Kevin who had been through a period of depression after dropping out of University in 2015. He attained healing through music and traveling thus starting up the company in 2018 with the sole purpose of providing mental therapy through travel. Gradually we have created value for travel within the local population at affordable rates.

Sectors Hospitality, Leisure and travel, Tourism
Location Jinja, Uganda
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