AdNaira We Love Advertising



AdNaira is an online advertising media agency that connects Advertisers to their target audience through high traffic websites and apps in Nigeria.

Some of the major challenges associated with online advertising platform and publishers are:

*Google AdSense blocks Nigerians

*Google AdWords is too expensive for advertisers

*Poor Customer support: (Difficulty in receiving money, no pay if no traffic, regional disparity)

Due to the fact that Nigerians are not treated right by other country’s advertising media agencies, AdNaira was birthed to fill that void. AdNaira’s solution to these identified problems include: 

*Flexible policies that accommodate accounts. 

*With as low as N1,000 advertisers can get a thousand impressions.

*Ease payout to Publishers and excellent customers support.

AdNaira’s unfair advantage is that its user interface can’t easily be copied or bought based on the robust system and ease of advertisers creating adverts and swift payment to publishers with top-notch support. 

AdNaira is set to be the face of online advertising in Nigeria.