Adjamoo Social network for doctor and patient

I lost: my mother in 2016 after 3 strokes and cervical cancer, my father in 2019 after stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and diabetes, and about three months ago my big brother had a stroke. As the 2nd child in a family of 6, I had the heavy responsibility of being the sick carer for my parents and my brother during their long stay in the hospital. This is how I developed a few months ago a social network called “Adjamoo” which connects patients and doctors to provide solutions to the problems I observed during my stay in the hospital.
1- Allow patients to make available to all his treating doctors past and future his medical file,
2- Doctors can create a discussion page or forum to review a patient’s case with doctors from elsewhere
3- Sharing or selling medication between patients
4- Hospitals, health center, laboratory, pharmacy have the possibility to create pages for their company so that that they can be found easily

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Emplacement Yaoundé, Cameroun
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