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My startup business manufactures personal care and public health products, mainly of the flora origin. This is because the demand for herbal products is continually increasing, as customers are becoming more and more health conscious. My first idea was to produce lemon aftershave, using lemon extract and Aloe Vera as base. I watched many hair salon operators in my community in south western Uganda, using fresh lemon juice instead of the common brands of aftershave, after shaving hair and beards yet the lemon juice easily goes bad if not preserved like they use it. They used this as a natural alternative to the commonly used chemically made and alcohol-based aftershaves. As an innovative agri-prenuer, I produced an aftershave from lemon fruit juice extract with Aloe Vera and other oils such as avocado oil which is rich in nutrients, and good for human skin. It is unique from other aftershaves because it is herbal, 100% chemical free, has healing properties and is inflammable.

Stage Startup stage EST March 2018
Sectors Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals
Location Mbarara, Uganda
Markets Uganda
Customer model B2B2C, B2C
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