Activ360 A Central Access to all your Hotel Operations

We are a Nigerian ICT startup, dedicated to providing relevant cloud-based technology solutions for Hotels. Activ360 ( is one of our first set of innovations.

Activ360 is a unified ERP that is solving the problems of real-time hotel monitoring and management. With Activ360, hotels can use one seamless solution to manage and synchronize with every part of their operations (360 degrees) from any part of the world.

Activ360 gives you a fully functional ERP in 6 minutes – 360 seconds!, No Servers required: We’ve got you covered!, Real-time Global Access from anywhere in the world: You never lose sight of what’s important!. With a single sign-on to all your hotel operations, what’s not to love?!

With Activ360 cloud ERP, managing your hotel(s) has never been easier… With Activ360, Everything Works!

Secteurs Solutions de cloud, Technologie de l'information
Emplacement Lagos, Nigeria
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