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We provide total crop pest management using the spraying drone for precision agriculture. Our drone technology is changing agriculture by reducing the cost of herbicide, insecticide, pesticides, fungicide, and fertiliser application. It also saves a lot of time and increases yields. Our scare crow drone drives away birds that eat seeds and produce, reducing harvest.
Many farmers die from snake and scorpion bites during pesticide applications, some also get exposed to the poisonous chemical while they manually spray. Many water bodies get contaminated when the farmers spray with the knapsacks. The sprays precisely on the affected crop, whiles the operator stands miles away.
Our drones are fitted with multispectral cameras, that collects data on soil stress level, soil moisture, crop diseases, and growth patterns.
If Africa can produce a lot of food to feed itself and eradicate hunger, we need technologies that will helps farmers work effectively and efficiently.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Crop farming
LocationMadina, Ghana
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