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Acewinz Ventures Agriculture and Food Production

Acewinz Venture is a registered agricultural and food production firm.
Our vision is to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and poverty through investment in agriculture and food processing for human consumption and as raw material for agro-allied industries.

We plan to start by planting 3,000 trees of Tenera- type hybrid oil palm on a 20ha plantation and process the fruit into red palm oil and vegetable oil through biodiesel technology.

According to the United State department of Agriculture, Nigeria’s consumption of palm oil was 1,315,000MT while local production was 930,000MT in 2016. An additional 385,000MT was needed to meet the local demand. It is assumed that the deficit was imported from abroad to meet the unmet demand for palm oil and it’s derivatives.
The United Nations says Nigeria will overtake US in population by 2050. The current population of US is over 322 million, while Nigeria has more than 180 million.
Our firm is set to give all it takes to provide food for all

SectorsAgribusiness, Fashion
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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