Abisam farms and technical services Organic production of high quality and quantity animal proteins

With an increasing world population,and with an increasing need for high quality and quantity animal proteins devoid of side effect[s] of consuming animal protein raised with the use of chemical or inorganic antibiotics,hormones,pesticides and vaccines. Hence the need for organically produced animal proteins.
Catfish and chicken proteins are produced in large quantity and qualitatively with the use of herbal plants,fruits and vegetables,organically produced feed ingredients,locally made feed milling and value addition processing machines.
Production of organic solid wastes used as organic manure for the soil, leading to balanced soil ecosystem, high plants yield and other bye products.
These will lead to job creation, wealth creation, income growth and many social benefits to the people in the community and beyond where the project is sited.

StageStartup stage EST May 2018
SectorsAnimal farming, Farm machinery, Fish farming
LocationBenin City, Nigeria
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