A2 Healthcare Solutions “Affordable and Accessible Healthcare”

A2 Healthcare Solutions draws inspiration from the Primary Healthcare Principles and is committed to providing sustained, equitable access to essential, high-quality affordable and acceptable health services by building a resilient healthcare system which is responsive to people’s needs especially in under privileged or “hard to reach” communities. Achieved by:
1. Providing Capacity Building for Hospital Administrators in rural communitties through seminars, shadow training (expert hands on training) and best practice sharing by a dedicated in-country team
A team of dedicated experienced hospital administrators (trained in Germany), are committed in providing these training.
This is an innovation because, there in no institution training hospital administrators in Cameroon. Most Government, private and faith-based institutions are managed by either Doctors or Nurses with little or no training in hospital management.
This will improve health outcomes for the community members.

Stage Unknown EST February 2018
Sectors Healthcare providers and services
Location Buea, Cameroon
Markets Cameroon
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