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734water/coffee The 734 mission is simple: make great water for the greater good.


Manyang R. Kher
Mr. Manyang R. Kher is one of the 20,000 ‘Lost Boys of Sudan.
When he moved to the United States, he didn’t leave Sudan behind. He obtained funding to create a four-acre farm in Gambella, Ethiopia, which provides jobs to local refugee families. He has also worked to fund wells to provide water to 40,000 residents, provide nets to local fishermen, and delivered leadership training to 18 young students. This project is a continuation of Manyang’s aim to restore human dignity to those who lost everything.
Monica Songok
Monica Songok is the founder of HourBoss LLC a company that focuses on providing services for individuals and companies with the main purpose of redeeming time.
Akandu Nwosu
Mr. Akandu Nwosu is an experienced and energetic marketing specialist with an entrepreneur’s mindset and over seven years of experience effectively managing marketing projects from inception to completion. His retail experience includes ownership of a Ben and Jerry’s fran