Livestock production contributes significantly to the global economy. However, viral infection in livestock that goes undetected in the early stages and spreading rapidly leading to unprecedented livestock deaths has created a decline of 15 – 26% in revenue generated from livestock production and export in the past 5 years.

A pain felt deeply by farmers and has resulted in increasing job-losses in the agricultural sector

3DIMO has created a solution that:
– Monitor the health of animals in farms through regular temperature monitoring through Infrared images
– Monitor the pattern of their movements to detect abnormalities
By providing their provisionally patented system called Thola which is system detects in real-time any virus risks in livestock using infra-red imagery and artificial intelligence and provides insights to farmers on:

Anormal detection in livestock behavior
Spatial pattern of anomalies
Potential spread of anomalies
Raise alarms by in-app notifications

StageStartup stage EST February 2020
SectorsAnimal farming, Biotechnology and medical research
LocationCape Town, South Africa
MarketsSouth Africa
Customer modelB2B
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