21Farmer End-to-End Precision Farming Solution

Agriculture is, by far, the biggest user and waster of water in the world.
Farmers use 70% of the world’s freshwater, but 60% of it is wasted due to leaky irrigation systems, inefficient applications methods and the cultivation of thirsty crops, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
And according to the FAO, about 800 Million people are suffering from Hunger today!
In the Global Hunger Index, Egypt suffers from a considerable level of hunger, ranking 61 of 119 countries.
So 21Farmer is a Cloud Based IOT Solution that provides data & analytic to farmers and long-term information on the quality and condition of the fields.
Using the intuitive web app, farmers can access in real-time data like the water content or salinity of the soil.
This helps them to enhance land performance and resource utilization.
Using our technology farmers have increased their crop yields by up to 20% while significantly reducing water waste.