1950 Design & Print Printing, design, advertising and eco-friendly projects - upcycling

My name is Lalita Purbhoo-Junggee. I am 28 years old, married and the mother of two kids. I am the co-founder of 1950 Design & Print Co Ltd, which is located in Pailles, Mauritius. Together with my husband, we started a printing and advertising company. Step by step, we have expanded our operations, while sticking to our core values and principles. What is truly innovative about our company is that we are the first organization to merge the printing and advertising sector with the sustainability and environmental center to create a business that is truly focused on doing good while making a profit. Both sectors existed before our company, but we are the first to really take a look at how to utilize design thinking and innovative approaches to maximize the benefit not just for our employees and the financial health of our company but for the environment of Mauritius and soon the environments of the countries we expand our business into.

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