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Natalino Mwenda, Founder & CEO of Rasello: “VC4Africa is awesome, I have worked with many members from the community and I absolutely adore their drive to help entrepreneurs”

Jerome Kisting, Angel Investor: “I don’t have staff working for me, so if VC4Africa can do that initial screening and select entrepreneurs that actually have coherent business plans and it looks like the model can work, that is really useful. A lot of Angel Investors don’t have their own infrastructure to assess things, so any pre­‐selection is really helpful.”

Harry Hare, Executive Director of DEMO Africa: “We are very excited about our collaboration with VC4Africa. They increase the outreach and ultimate participation at the event by Africa’s most innovative entrepreneurs as well as investors who are looking for the next big thing in Africa.”

Teddy Ruge, CoFounder Project Diaspora: “I like what I see so far and I like where VC4Africa has come from. This is what the future of development and investment on the continent looks like. We need to build a culture of supporting entrepreneurs building market solutions on the ground.”

Stella Njoki,  CoFounder & Finance and Operations Director at Zege Technologies (creators of MPayer): “We attribute the achievement [2nd place at Global Forum 2013] to our assocation with VC4Africa.This is such a nice platform to have our venture on. Your team rocks!”

Dariu Trueb, Director at Kitendo Capital: “VC4Africa is an ecosystem booster. A platform like this gives impact investors like Kitendo better access to promising entrepreneurs, seek out new partnerships and co­‐invest with others. VC4Africa creates a supporting foundation for the entrepreneurs & its important we invest in system level infrastructure like this.”

Toni Maraviglia, Founder & CEO of Mprep: “I read all the weekly updates. Mostly to check for competition in possible markets! I learn a lot more about companies I never knew existed across the continent. I also look for companies for potential partnership.”

Lino Carcoforo, Co-­‐founder and COO at Innovation for Africa Fund (i4A): “VC4A are a fantastic team of consummate professionals that have channeled their expertise and resources to getting investment worthy start-­‐up’s ready to receive investment. i4a have worked closely with the team and it has been an invaluable experience culminating in secured follow on investment. Keep up the awesome work.”

Eric M K Osiakwan, Entrepreneur and Angel investor, board of advisors member at VC4Africa: “VC4Africa connects global resources with local expertise and experience. This approach is needed to jumpstart the startup ecosystem and the community is a critical catalyzer in this. Matching the learnings of the forerunners with the energy and innovation of up and coming entrepreneurs will continue to yield results.”

Rebecca Enonchong, @africatechie on TwitterFounder & CEO of AppsTech, board of advisors member at VC4Africa: “There are few channels entrepreneurs can use to get such access to investors. Few entrepreneurs are fundable out of the gate. The VC4Africa team really makes the difference in getting teams to that next level.”