Startup Guatemala

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Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala
Consulting and business development, Diversified services


Our mission is to facilitate collaboration, development and networking between startups and the actors that are part of the ecosystem, to build a community of entrepreneurship.

Startup Guatemala cultivates the conditions to achieve systemic changes in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, so that entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs, leading companies that provide jobs, grow and are key in the economic development of the country.


  • ​Making this movement and the connections that occur in it, visible.
  • Facilitating and cultivating collaboration in the startup ecosystem, among organizations, and cultivating synergies.
  • Support (nos) to create systemic changes in our ecosystem. Lower barriers to collaboration, achieve close goals together, and activate synergies.



  • ​We are committed to a collaborative Guatemala, where we achieve goals as a whole.
  • We consider co-creation and collaboration essential to develop our economy.
  • We practice awareness and knowledge of the ecosystem and our role in it for continuous improvement.

WANT TO COLLABORATE? Read and sign our manifesto

Manifesto por Guatemala

We are committed to building an ecosystem of open, strong and entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, which allows the creation of decent work through entrepreneurship in diverse industries, to give Guatemala a competitive advantage. ​ We believe that collaboration and co-creation are essential for developing Guatemala’s businesses and creating a community where we can attract and retain talent to live and work locally.  We practice ecosystem awareness * and continue to develop our key contributions * *

Connecting talent with opportunities

Building ecosystems means creating bridges, access points and paths through people-to-people connection. It means uniting talent with opportunities to grow and develop together, seeking collaboration as a mechanism for value generation.