Sote Hub

Turning Ideas into Business

The Sote Hub idea was born from the Sote ICT project which started in 2010, implementing holistic approach that combines ICT integration and training with business skills at 12 schools in Taita Taveta, reaching out to over 6000 students. Once they graduate, they can start business or receive further career training at Sote Hub, which was the first rural based business incubator in Kenya.

UNDP reports that the Kenyan unemployment rate in 2017 is 40%. The highest in the East Africa region. However, the chances of youth to get formal employment are even slimmer. Only around 10% of the newly created jobs are in the formal sector.

Sote Hub today provides an open space for young innovators and startups to design market solutions to local challenges.

From success stories in Taita Taveta, we are scaling to Kwale and to work with 10 high schools and 4 technical colleges; an additional 5000 students to our fold. Through partnership with Kwale County Government, we are happy to announce our new location at Kwale Biashara Centre, Diani.


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Location Taita, Kenya
Targets Kenya
Sectors Business services