Promote your programs, events and services to The African startup community

Your program events and services on VC4A!

Looking for a way to reach out to the African startup community and get the best entrepreneurs to apply to your acceleration program, competition or fund? Launch a campaign with VC4A! Get immediate visibility with our 30,000+ members across Africa, discover talent in our 5000+ ventures database and leverage our channels for tailored outreach.

How to run a campaign with VC4A?

  • Create your own Promo Page

    Give your organization a presence on the VC4A platform. Publish branded promo pages for your programs, events and campaigns in the ‘Programs’ section. Customize your pages with a header image and logo, link to your website and social media accounts, embed video, add your team members, list portfolio companies, build a following and more. You manage your own content and are in full control of presentation. Create a Promo Page free of charge.
  • Manage Applications

    Use our tools to design a custom registration form to receive applications for your program, competition or fund. Grab an i-frame and integrate the application form into your own website. This way entrepreneurs registered with VC4A can apply using their existing venture profiles. Entrepreneurs build up tangible track records over time, and their profiles contain the data and information your team requires in order to make the best selection. See Partner Pages Q&A.
  • Launch Outreach Campaign

    Get your program featured on the home page and ‘Programs’ section for extra visibility. Promote your campaign in the weekly newsletter with 30,000 subscribers. Leverage VC4A social media channels (Twitter 60,000+, Facebook 45,000+, LinkedIn 12,000+) to reach a wider audience. Consider a blog or dedicated article on the VC4A platform and with our media partners. Last but not least, discuss the possibility of direct mailing to our members in select countries or sectors. As part of this premium service, you also receive a Pro Account.
  • Partner with us

    Ready to take your program, competition or fund to the next level? VC4Africa has run programs in collaboration with Orange Telecom, Thomson Reuters, CitiBank, Facebook, the US State Dept., DEMO Africa, the Africa Business Angels Network, AfriLabs, the Lagos Angels Network and many many others. Contact us to learn more about how VC4Africa can boost your efforts or contact us to discuss larger program opportunities. See VC4A partners.