ECatalyst wants to transform developing communities through Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solve the worlds problems, and that even the most under-developed communities have superheroes in their midst with innovative ideas that can become community-transforming businesses.

The problem is that few of the would-be heroes step forward to start because they do not know how, do not have the resources they need, or are not sure anyone would support them if they tried. But what if those same entrepreneurs had access to world-class training, had mentors and business leaders eager to find resources for them, and a community of entrepreneurs together with whom they could try, fail, and try again? Then great ideas are worth attempting, and entrepreneurs become heroes.

At ECatalyst, our focus is on helping an area or a community through their entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs are supported best by local ecosystems which provide more than just knowledge, funding, or incubation programs. An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a network of entrepreneurs, mentors, leaders, and investors that catalyze entrepreneurship in a community. As an ecosystem grows, businesses launch, jobs are created, local problems get solved, the economy expands, and the entire community is transformed. 

Opportunities for entrepreneurs

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