Lead2030 Challenge for SDG5

The world's biggest prize fund for young leaders making an impact for the SDGs

To make this future a reality by 2030, we need a generation of young leaders who are meaningfully engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals and are working purposefully to achieve them.

Formed by One Young World and powered by some of the world’s leading businesses, Lead2030 finds, funds and accelerates SDG solutions created by founders under 30.

The challenge welcomes solutions from an innovative female founded company that provide solutions to or solves any of the following:

Infrastructure solutions that provide women-owned/operated small enterprises with opportunities to improve their access to energy, sanitation and security

Digital skills training solutions that measurably and lastingly improve the knowledge and practices of women-owned/operated small enterprises, with the potential for significant scale

• Affordable, accessible financial products (e.g. low-interest loan products, crop insurance)

Renewable energy technology with super high efficiency for trucking, rail, ocean and air including biofuel, electric, wind, solar and water – that are accessible for the entire market

New packaging materials to eliminate/reduce plastic, increasing recycled content and/or new ways to incorporate our supply chain waste into our packaging materials

• Alternatives to increase recycling and reuse PET

• New solutions to improve water quality or availability in high stressed watersheds.

Apply here: https://www.oneyoungworld.com/lead2030/challenge-sdg5