NEXUS Emprende

We transform people for a more humane, collaborative and creative society.

About Us

The best way to change the world is through education. With it we can see our dreams come true. It is the one that drives the world to make the impossible possible.

We make learning highly entertaining, creating unforgettable experiences through agile, playful, experiential and experiential experiences. We work in colleges, universities and companies.

We generate experiences in:

    • Financial literacy, it’s not about how much money I have, it’s about what I do with that money to improve my well-being.
    • Entrepreneurship, undertaking is not doing business, undertaking is the human capacity to do things differently, to solve problems.
    • Creative economy, it is the opportunity that we cannot lose, the world revolves through culture, entertainment, art and technology.
    • innovation, often confusing creativity and innovation with digital technology and tools. We define this concept by making the person the manager of innovation. We train people and teams   to find innovative solutions to address current problems.


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Location Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Business services
SDG (2)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth