Nacional Monte de Piedad (NMDP)

Investments to support Mexican society

An institution at your service

We are a non-profit, non-profit institution, with 245 years operating uninterrupted.

Our founding vocation is to help those who need it through loan, financial services and social investment.

We are part of a profit cycle

  • The aid begins with loan and financial services, favoring 3 million families each year with the lowest interest rate of the market, an important guarantee and coverage throughout the Mexican Republic, which is
  • With the operating remnants of the loan and financial services, we make social investments. These are intended for health, education, housing, gender equality, food security, community and economic development, among others.
  • In total, they benefit 2 million people each year through 600 private care or charity institutions and other programs.
  • By engaging and purchasing at Nacional Monte de Piedad, you start a new cycle of benefits.

Mission and vision

The mission of National Mount of Piety is to help those who need it through loan, financial services and activities.

Our vision is to be the most admired Institution of Private Assistance, supporting 6 million Mexican families in the year 2025.


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