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Traction Camp

Traction Camp

Growing world class startups in East Africa

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February 12, 2017
November 17, 2016 - December 21, 2018

Traction Camp is a regional acceleration program aimed at nurturing  startups in East Africa so as to create globally competitive, growth-oriented, mobile and digital technology businesses. The accelerator program is backed by InfoDev, an arm of the World Bank, through a grant received in 2016. Other partners of the program include Finnish Government, SIDA and Norad. More information


The 6 month program will support growth-oriented startups in scaling their business through a tailor made acceleration process designed to takes growth oriented enterprises and startups through a rapid-cycle competitive curriculum, and matches them quickly to appropriate capital and business mentor. The program will connect entrepreneurs with the knowledge, capital and markets they need to grow their enterprises.

The program will entail a two week of intensive mentoring and coaching before an one week of residential program and up to six months of follow up mentoring and coaching, intensity of which will be decided based on each entrepreneur’s performance and needs.

Participating startups will receive technical assistance on the acceleration curriculum that is designed to improve their marketability to early-stage financiers through emphasis on strengthening business and financial models, and outlining preparations for the capital raising process through detailed coursework on entrepreneurial finance.

Other project activities will include facilitating several access to finance (A2F) workshops to provide familiarity with financial concepts and expectations of angel investors to a broader audience.

We will conduct a series of information outreach workshops across the region for growth-oriented, digital entrepreneurs in partnership with the tech hubs. The main purpose of these workshops is to inform on requirements of the program, introduce the curriculum of the program and some of the key activities.

The workshops will be held in different countries as follows;

  • kLab (Rwanda) on 25th January
  • Buni Hub (Tanzania) on 26th January
  • Iceaddis (Ethiopia) on 2nd February
  • Outbox (Uganda) on 2nd February

Through PIVOT East and other programs, the m:lab East Africa has established working relationships with tech hubs and incubators in the East African Region and will continue to build upon these partnerships through the Traction Camp project’s activities.

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