MEST Incubator

Training and investing in West African entrepreneurs

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST)
and the MEST Incubator program provide training, investment and mentoring for
aspiring technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating globally successful
companies that create wealth and jobs locally in Africa.

· School: 200+ graduates from our two-year
fully sponsored tech training program

· Incubator:
Invested in over 20 startups with
a portfolio ranging from eCommerce to health IT; average investment of $50K to

· Local startup ecosystem connector:
hackathons hosted with GoogleUnicef and Voto

· Regarded as “one of the largest
private investments in Ghanian economic development” by DFID in their report on
the Ghana high tech

· Partner of choice: Microsoft, Vodafone, Amazon and
Etsy resources-based partnerships; member of the AfriLabs Network

·  Partnership with Interswitch,
Nigeria’s largest payments processor

Interested in partnering, collaborating or investing? Contact:

MEST Incubator

MEST Incubator